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Northern Territory Manufacturing

If you are running a manufacturing business, you are part of one of the most diverse sectors of the Northern Territory economy.

Manufacturing businesses include the sub-sectors of food; beverage and tobacco; textile, clothing, footwear and leather; wood and paper products; printing, publishing and recording media; petroleum (incl. liquid natural gas) and chemicals; non-metallic mineral product (e.g. cement, pearls); metal product (incl. alumina); machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing is an important sector in the Northern Territory economy, having strong interactions with other production sectors, especially through the provision of inputs to the construction and mining sectors.

The majority of manufacturing businesses are located in Darwin and surrounding areas; however there is still a strong regional presence, with 31% of Northern Territory manufacturing businesses located in regional areas.

The Manufacturing Business Information Package is designed to help you to establish and run a manufacturing business in the Northern Territory. It provides you with information about issues relevant to all businesses, and those specific to manufacturing businesses with a checklist, fact sheets, and details on where to go for help

The Northern Territory Information pack is separated into different business types to provide you with specific information related to your business. Please choose from one of the following business types.